How to Yield Farm

Please follow the steps below to start staking:
Step 1
Connect Wallet. (How to do it read here)
Step 2
Go to the Farm page - here
Step 3
Pick which farm you want to use. For this example, we will pick the PAUL-XTZ farm.
Step 4
Go to the QuipuSwap DEX and then "Add Liquidity" to the appropriate pool. (more details here)
Step 5
Select the tokens to add, in this case, PAUL and XTZ. You need to provide them in a 50/50 ratio vs USD value. For example, you would need to add $10 of PAUL and $10 of XTZ. Once you are done, click “Add Liquidity”.
Step 6
Check the details and then confirm the transaction in your wallet.
Step 7
You now have liquidity tokens. Next, go back to the farm page here (add the link!).
Step 8
Click “Select” on the farm you want to use.
Step 9
Click the '' Approve" and then the “ Stake” button to stake your liquidity tokens.
Step 10
Enter the number of liquidity tokens you want to stake and click “Confirm”.
Step 11
Done! Now you are farming PAUL tokens!