Connect Your Wallet to Alien'sFarm

You've made a wallet and now you just need to connect your wallet with Alien'sFarm and you're good to go!
Check out the steps below for how to connect the wallet to Alien'sFarm.
Remember - to interact with Tezos Blockchain DApps you need to have a positive Tezos (XTZ) balance.
Step 1
Set up your web extension (Temple Tezos Wallet) and login into your account.
Step 2
Click on “Connect ” or "Enter" and connect to your wallet.
Step 3
Once it is connected, the Alien'sFarm website will show you the "Farm" page. You can now interact with the project functionality!
Remember - all investments involve some degree of risk.
If something went wrong, feel free to communicate with our support team on Telegram or Twitter